Focus on Sustainability Day

Stainless Steel World is hosting a Focus on Sustainability Day on Wednesday 27 September 2023 combining Conference and Open Forum Sustainability Sessions. Our aim is to create a dynamic conversation about shared challenges, collaborative opportunities, and industry-wide approaches to sustainability and so all attendees will be encouraged to actively participate, ask questions, and share their own experiences.

We invite all individuals and organizations with an interest in sustainability to join us on this impactful journey toward a more resilient and responsible world.

Sustainability Conference Sessions

Sustainability Expo Forum

The morning will start with the Conference incorporating a programme of conference sessions dedicated to the technical and strategic approaches implemented by companies who aim to produce and use stainless steel with a minimal carbon footprint.

Click here for the full Conference programme timetable

The Sustainability Conference Sessions [Morning] are open to all fee-paying Conference Delegates

In the afternoon the ‘free access to all’ ‘Focus on Sustainability Expo Forum’ will host a selected group of companies who will present and discuss their initiatives in the areas of sustainable stainless steel production, processing and usage.

Click here for the full Expo Forum timetable

The Sustainability Open Forum Sessions [Afternoon] are open FREE to all Exhibition Visitors

Sustainability Forum Companies