Steering Committee 2023

Below you will find the steering committee of the Stainless Steel World Conference 2023.

Peter van Gansewinkel

Peter van Gansewinkel

Position: Brück GmbH, Germany
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Peter van Gansewinkel is since 38 years active in metal processing and fabrication for Defense, Offshore, Subsea, Hydrocarbon, Petrochemical and PowerGen industries.

In 1998 he joined the business-to-business marketing and technical sales department of Brück Pipeconnections BV, with focus on Material Marketing in Oil & Gas.

Mr. van Gansewinkel holds metallurgical, mechanical and economic qualifications and  has 25+ years successful international experience in sales and fabrication of Open-Die Forging and Seamless Ring Rolling.

Since 2022 Peter is leading the Global Power Generation and Plant & Equipment Construction Sector within Brück GmbH.

Peter van Gansewinkel

Brück GmbH, Germany

Peter van Gansewinkel is since 38 years active in metal...