Steering Committee 2023

Below you will find the steering committee of the Stainless Steel World Conference 2023.

Barinder J S Ghai

Position: Alleima, United Kingdom
Categories: Conference, Steering Committee, Steering Committee 2023

Mr. Barinder J S Ghai is the Regional Technical Marketing, EMEA at Alleima based in Birmingham UK. Mr. Ghai holds a degree in Production Engineering and a post-graduate degree in Sales & Marketing. Before joining Alleima, Barinder had varied experience in industry including project execution, maintenance, customer’s service and sales with reputed MNC’s. Mr. Ghai has already presented papers at Duplex Conference, Stainless Steel World, IRPC Abu Dhabi & Milan, Refining India, Petrotech Bahrain etc. and supported several other papers. He is also a Steering Committee Member and a member of the Advisory Board for key conference committees.

Barinder J S Ghai

Alleima, United Kingdom

Mr. Barinder J S Ghai is the Regional Technical Marketing,...