Advance Conference Program – Now Available!

Find out how you can be a part of the future of the Global Stainless Steel Industry

It is with great pleasure that we present The Advance Conference Program of the Steel World Conference 2021

Read the program to view the line-up of presenters, moderators, session chairs who are involved in hosting three full days of presentations and discussion based workshops – providing thelatest knowledge , information and updates on the recent advances in the manufacture and application of CRA’s.

The program has been designed to address a range of key issues relevant to the global stainless steel community, including: new material grades, design and material standards, safety, quality control, sustainability, market trends, supply chain management and the all-important end-user experience. Bringing together researchers, corrosion specialists, welding engineers, designers, manufacturers, stockists and other industry professionals from around the world, this event is a must-attend for everyone involved in the manufacture and use of stainless steels.

SSW2021 Advance Conference Program

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